1. Winner announcement will be made on 23 June 2017.
  2. Winners will be notified within seven (7) days after the announcement has been made.
  3. The Thailand trip for winners takes place from 20-25 July 2017.
  4. Arrangements for the (1) port-to-port return air ticket (on Thai Airways International or similar) for winners outside Thailand will be made during 3-7 July 2017.


Six most outstanding entries will win:

  • One port-to port-return air ticket (on Thai Airways International) for bloggers outside Thailand
  • An exclusive 6D/5N trip to explore Bangkok and the Northeastern Region, or Isan, in Thailand

Four of the six winners will be chosen by a panel of three judges with wide-ranging experience in the field of travel blogging and Thailand’s destination marketing. The remaining two winning entries will be selected by popular vote.

The next two exceptional blogs and videos chosen by the judges, and the next two most voted for blogs and videos by the public, will receive a special gift set from the TAT Newsroom.

Voters’ Prizes

Voters’ names will be entered into a lucky draw and they’ll also receive a special gift set from TAT Newsroom.

**The above are subject to the TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign 2017’s Terms and Conditions.**



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